Daily Skin Care Regimen – Top 10 Tips To Follow

Like food, clothing and shelter for the body, a good daily care routine is a must for our skin. Unlike your body, the face is exposed to a lot of dust and dirt throughout the day even if you are indoors. Following a daily skin care regime is essential to keep it healthy and fresh. Read on for what should be done to keep your skin ever glowing.



Everybody has a different skin type, using any product on the skin might cause damage. Know if your skin is oily, dry, pimple prone or combination. Look in for products that are mild and meant for your skin type.


Clean your hands and wash your face with warm water to open the pores. Use a facial cleanser meant for your skin type; in gentle upward circular motions clean the face for about 50 seconds. Some cleansers need to be left for a minute or two for better results. Wash with cold water thoroughly.

3. TONE:

After cleansing, pat dry the face with a clean towel and with the help of a clean cotton pad, dab toner on the face and let it dry naturally. Toner restores the pH balance of the skin after cleansing. While applying, avoid eye area.


After the toner dries up, take a small amount of moisturizer and in circular motions in upward direction apply moisturizer gently on the skin. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing should be done every day in the morning and before bedtime to make your skin healthy and fresh.

5. Exfoliate or Scrub:

Scrubbing is needed to clean the pores deeply and should be done up to two times in a week. This is very important in your daily skin care regimen. After regular cleansing routine, apply the scrub and clean the sides of the nose, forehead and chin thoroughly. Regular scrubbing leads to more open pores and thus, is not recommended.


After cleansing and scrubbing, use a face mask to clear your skin of dead dry cells. There are various masks available in the market or one can be made at home with natural ingredients. Use the masks as suggested. Apply home-made masks for not more than 15 minutes


No matter how itchy your skin feels, resist the temptation of wiping of your face with a dirty towel/dry towel again and again. This triggers bacteria build up. There are many who involuntarily touch the face again and again; avoid it completely.


Pimples are very irritating and more than once you might feel like squeezing them out while cleaning or when it itches. These leave behind dark spots and marks which are even tougher to get rid of. Therefore, do not touch the pimples with hands – clean or dirty.


Hydrate your body internally, by drinking plenty of water. Healthy skin shows off if your internal system is clean. Secondly, wash your face with clean and plain water 4-5 times a day and dab with a clean towel to prevent dirt accumulation.


If using a product meant for your skin does not show effective results in a month or two, switch to another brand. It is important to know what suits your skin best and gives a desired result. Moreover do not miss out the fact that it should be meant for your skin type.

Healthy skin is easy to get and maintain if you follow this best daily skin care regimen. It is a delicate part of the body and needs full attention all the time. Germs build up easily and cause many other troubles. In addition, using a lot of make up every day can also cause skin troubles, but with a thorough cleaning healthy skin care regimen you can keep the skin healthy and glowing.




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