The Best Skin Hacks For Smooth, Clear Skin At Any Age

If you’re experiencing dry, dull, blemish-prone skin and you thought you were past that teenage acne phase… we feel you. And we’re here to tell you that there are always solutions.


  1. Take digestive enzymes and probiotic supplements.
  2. Exercise at least 30 minutes per day, sweat and de-stress daily. Make sure to wash your face and hands after a sweaty workout, though!
  3. Use a glycolic and/or salicylic face wash daily, and make sure you wash twice per day.
  4. Don’t overdo it in the skincare department, sometimes more can hurt and strip the skin.
  5. Sometimes adult acne just needs a little help in the “hormone” department. Speak with your primary physician or OBGYN to inquire about a low-dose diuretic such as Aldactone, which helps stabilize hormones.
  6. Follow a healthy lifestyle along with your at-home topical treatments, they go hand-in-hand.


  1. In the early stage when the lesion is actually firm, red and a noticeable bump (i.e. cyst), you can look into the option of a cortisone shot. Negative side effects can be mild collagen loss that does come back but takes time, this is why it should not be injected in the stage where it may be more flat.
  2. Urge the need to dry your skin out! Trying too many different products, and too often, will only aggravate the situation. You have to give the product TIME to work. Minimum 1-3 months.
  3. A lesser-known tip is that botox can actually help acne! The mechanism of action is unknown on how botox exactly works on the skin, but the overall consensus is that it decreases inflammation and redness, which is the source of acne. It can also shrink oil glands, pores and minimize facial sweating.



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