Simple life hacks to make you feel great in your bikini

If you struggle with confidence when it comes to getting into your summer swimwear, there are some easy ways you can make yourself feel better.

Of course, no one should feel like they need any of this stuff before they hit the beach and if you feel great without doing anything else then don’t bother with the extra faff!

But for those who want that extra boost, try these chic fashion hacks…

1. Stick-on breast lifts

If you’re wearing a one-piece and want to give your breasts a little lift inside your swimwear, these handy stickers can do just that without anyone knowing a thing. Just make sure you buy a waterproof pair…

2. Beach jewellery

Body chains of every description are enjoying a real moment, mostly thanks to Kylie Jenner’s Instagram. If you can work out how to wear them (we’re still a little stumped) this bling will instantly make you feel more put together.

3. Baby powder

This might sound a little strange but a little sprinkle of the white stuff could prevent some serious swimwear wedgie situations. Just dispense a little bit onto your butt and fix with hairspray to stop your bikini bottoms from riding up.

4. Wear wedges

If you want to instantly feel sexier in your swimwear the easiest option is to throw on a pair of heels. They don’t have to be super high, but some extra height will give your posture a boost and make your legs feel longer. Try a platform sandal if high heels fill you with fear.

5. Get a spray tan

It may seem pretty silly but if you feel better when you’re sun-kissed, go for a fake pick-me-up before you travel and then you can be brown AND tan at the same time.

6. Wear reflective sunglasses

Let’s face it, not having to wear makeup every day is one of the best bits of going on holiday, but if you’re worried about looking washed out or not quite glam enough for the pool just reach for a shiny pair of shades. These magic sunnies will disguise your eyes and even make your teeth look whiter when you smile!

7. Don’t forget to accessorise

Whether you’re conscious of areas like your tummy or just love to stand out, there are ways to make yourself feel more confident AND up your style game at the same time. We’re going to bring back the sarong a la Hailey Baldwin, and maybe throw in a matching bandana for good luck, too.

8. Embrace a baseball cap

In case you didn’t know, baseball caps are totally back thanks to Kendall Jenner and her troupe of supermodel pals. Wearing one will not only give you that sports luxe vibe, but it’ll keep your face and scalp from burning, too.

Have your own life hacks to add to the list? Share them with us!




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